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Let It Pour

imgDD PAID waterfall and person

This quote.

Full of beautiful and hopeful and hard and stark naked and trying and falling and being and still standing and rejoicing :

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Against All Hope

imgDD blog hope“Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed…”  (Romans 4:18a) 

When it looked hopeless, he believed.

When it made absolutely no sense, he believed. Read more

With All My Heart

Old rusty gate latch“Your season here is finished.”

How crazy does that sound? Yet that was exactly what I felt God whispering to me a few months past as I set rather unhappily at my desk one work day.


I couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong. Why I was so restless? Why did I no longer feel as though I belonged there? Read more

I Remember You By Heart

PIC roger I Remember You By Heart










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Why I Write

Why I write. Why I blog. Why I tell my story. On any given day.  Read more

The Day I Lied To The Internet

PIC take deep breathI lied on Instagram.

OK, maybe it wasn’t a total lie. But it wasn’t the whole truth either. When I posted a photo of the sign pictured here that hangs above the door in my garage, Read more

February’s Book On The Shelf (“Restless”)

PIC restless bookSo my February non-fiction read is on the shelf and per my answering the call of the “empty shelf challenge” for 2014, here’s my review of it. (Yeah, I’m a little late with the review, but lately I’ve just been so…oh, I don’t know…restless…) Read more


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