The Waves Never Stop Coming

I came across the below sometime back, written by an elderly gentleman. They are some of the most beautifully accurate descriptions of grief I have read. For those who need them and may find comfort from them, I share his wisdom here.

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Fear Is A Bully


imgblog fear is a bully treeYou’ll be okay.
You’ll get through this.
Even though it may not seem like it right now.

Right now it seems impossible.
Right now it seems too big.
Right now all the “what if’s” are threatening to drown you in a mental and emotional tsunami.
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What Grieving People Need During the Holidays

I remember the first Thanksgiving without him. The first real holiday we would gather and my husband of 25 years, and father to our three sons would not be there. He died almost 5 months before, and I felt nowhere near ready to face a holiday such as this. Read More

What You Need to Know About Widows

Depressed in Fog

“Grief and suffering don’t care what you endured the month before. They will come again anyway, and expect you to deal with them.” –Michelle Cushatt Read More

Let It Pour

imgDD PAID waterfall and person

This quote.

Full of beautiful and hopeful and hard and stark naked and trying and falling and being and still standing and rejoicing :

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Against All Hope

imgDD blog hope“Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed…”  (Romans 4:18a) 

When it looked hopeless, he believed.

When it made absolutely no sense, he believed. Read More

I Remember You By Heart

PIC roger I Remember You By Heart










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College, Rome, Or Paul?

imgblog fork in roadIn five weeks my youngest will leave for college. I feel the clock ticking away and time running out, that last bit of time I have to pour into him the things that matter most and the things I want to matter most to him. Read More