A Birthday Letter to Logan

Dear Logan,

Here are 15 things I love about you on your 15th birthday:

  1. That you were born on May 17, 1995 at 8:30 a.m.
  2. That you have a gentle, kind spirit
  3. That you are quiet and calm and peaceful to be around
  4. That you like structure and routine and you plan your time wisely
  5. That you like to do things right the first time
  6. That you are respectful and helpful to me
  7. That you let me fuss over you and try and take care of you and feed you dinner every night even when you insist it’s “not necessary”
  8. That you are so talented in the video arts
  9. That you’re our family videographer and photographer
  10. That you smile easily and possess such a sweet smile 
  11. That because you are sensitive, you are also sensitive to others
  12. That you are independent and mature beyond your age
  13. That you are responsible and conscientious
  14. That you love God
  15. That everyday I see so much of the brilliant, wonderful man your dad was in you.

Logan, I love you on any given day of the year but today I love you more than yesterday. After all, yesterday you were only 14. 🙂  



7 Comments on “A Birthday Letter to Logan

  1. Debbie…this is way better than any store bought birthday card…You are a beautiful and strong woman, even when you doubt yourself sometimes as we all do, but God sees you and me in the same way that HE sees your Logan; as a precious gift to celebrate every given day.
    Thank you for sharing your heart in your blogs….
    Praying continuously for your families healing…


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