Spirit Lifters

Air conditioning when the temperature is 100 degrees outside

A good book

Playing a big word in a game of Scrabble

Hearing my boys laughing together


Being the recipient of a kind act that was totally unexpected

Being the doer of a kind act that was totally unexpected

Bright, colorful things

Being able to talk honestly with a close friend

Making a new friend after discovering you are totally “kindred spirits”

Obeying God

A sunny day

A clean house

A song that makes you want to dance

A good movie waiting on the DVR

A facebook friend request from a once-upon-a-time long ago like-a-sister friend

Going to church surrounded by my boys

A hug from my boys

My boys


So, what lifts your spirit on any given day?


4 Comments on “Spirit Lifters

  1. Definitely my kids laughter. Good food. Time with Girlfriends. Finding a good deal. Church and Worship. Going to work at my church – unless the Sharp and Toshiba are both not working. 🙂

    Great list, Debbie – I needed to think about this instead of how stinkin’ HOT I am! 🙂


  2. Ditto the Chocolate and several on your list as well!

    A fresh breath of cool air (not easily found here in humid NC!)
    A song that makes you want to sing…
    then singing it in the car as loud as possible on your way to work.
    Swimming in the sunshine, so it glistens on top and you can see the shadows on the bottom.

    Thanks Debbie! I needed to remember the “smiles” in my day!


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