A Birthday Letter to Jordan

Dear Jordan,

Here are 22 things I love about you on your 22nd birthday:

  1. You are kind-hearted
  2. You are dependable
  3. You are levelheaded
  4. You are a peacemaker
  5. You are easy-going and laidback and “Hakuna Matata” is your theme song
  6. You are a great big brother to Logan
  7. You play a mean game of Scrabble
  8. You work hard at school
  9. You have never used your challenges as an excuse for why you couldn’t do, or couldn’t try, anything
  10. You always ask me if there’s anything I need you to do
  11. You always ask me how I’m doing; you even ask me how I’m “feeling”  🙂
  12. You love God
  13. You laugh easily
  14. You seek to make wise decisions
  15. You have always talked openly and freely with your dad and me about anything
  16. You ask for and trust my advice
  17. You love my chicken and dumplings
  18. You take Logan “practice” driving
  19. You manage your finances (limited though they are) in the wise way your dad taught you
  20. You take pride in being a responsible employee
  21. You love your grandparents and always make room in your heart and life for them
  22. You personify so many of the wonderful traits of your dad. He would be so, so proud of you.

Happy Birthday, my firstborn child. I love you with my heart and soul this birthday day and on any given day.


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