Guilty Pleasures

There are things in life that make me happy: writing, creating, speaking, singing, acting, directing, teaching, reading. Oh, and talking. I do like to talk. (Which may be why I like to teach. A captive audience has to let me talk.)

But there are a few other things that make me happy too. I’m just a little less likely to say them out loud, therefore I consider them to be kind of my guilty pleasures—those things I love but that I might be better off keeping to myself. But then again, what’s a little transparency amongst friends?  And if I share mine, you’ll share yours, right?

So here goes. My top 10 list of guilty pleasures:

1.  Chocolate milk (Really. I would drink this every morning if I could.)

2.  Sleeping Late (Really. I would do this every morning if I could.)

3.  Working at home in my pj’s. (This works best after #2)

4.  Rocking. In a rocking chair. (No matter what I’m doing—reading, watching TV, talking, typing, whatever. Seriously, I wish all chairs were rocking chairs.)

5.  Books by Nora Roberts  (I love a good love story that doesn’t get in the way of a good mystery. Or is it the other way around?)

6.  Barry Manilow’s Greatest Hits CD (Volumes 1 and 2)

7.  Listening to a guy with an accent talk (Do I need to explain this?)

8.  The Twilight Saga (I am so too old for this series but I have read every book and seen every movie thus far.)

9.   America’s Next Top Model (What can I say? I’m a sucker for Tyra mail.)

10. Reading till the early hours of the morning  (see #5 and #2)

So there it is. A list of my somewhat embarrassing top 10 guilty pleasures. Undoubtedly there’s a few more, but a girl’s gotta’ keep some secrets to herself.

So now it’s your turn. What guilty pleasures do you indulge in when given the freedom and opportunity on any given day?


23 Comments on “Guilty Pleasures

  1. You know me, I will share anything!!
    so this seemed fun so where it goes!

    10 guilty pleasures:
    1. I make smores in the microwave a few times a week and I add peanut butter to them!
    2. my new favorite beverage is simply raspberry lemonade with sierra mist and some vodka! (its wonderful)
    3. TWILIGHT! I have read the series 4 times now and can never turn the movie off when it comes on (Debbie you turned me onto this! it’s your fault!)
    4. candy, I will eat it at anytime
    5. I love any movie set in the 1600’s-1800’s! (Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, The Other Boleyn girl) I love the romance
    6. I will watch Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea and repeat every word.
    7. Singing really loud in the car to show tunes (Yes, I pretend I can actually sing like them!)
    8. playing computer games – I love them hidden adventure ones!
    9. watching Wipe Out on the TV – It is soooo stupid, yet I laugh so hard!
    10. My favorite coffee – white chocolate mocha latte from Common Grounds – Joe is the man!


  2. OK OK OK! 🙂
    Limiting this to 10 will be difficult – I have so many!

    1. yarn 🙂 Its really a perfect thing – it allows me to curl up on the couch and watch a movie or catch up on TV and STILL be productive by knitting something!
    2. Steel Magnolias – I could watch that movie every day of my life! I KNOW I quote something from that movie every day!
    3. taking pictures – I love the idea of capturing moments
    4. TWILIGHT – y’all know! 🙂 – and reading in general but really TWILIGHT!
    5. road trips – I love the planning, packing, mapping, driving, riding, – everything about a road trip. getting there is almost more fun than being there!
    6. getting a new pen – i LOVE office supplies, but especially writing instruments
    7. taking just 30 minutes to walk around a craft or art store – I like walking around thinking about all the stuff I could make
    8. taking time to make a cup of coffee or tea at night. I like the ritual of it and it forces me to sit still for a few minutes and enjoy it before it gets too cold to drink
    9. The Easter and Autumn MMs – for some reason those taste better to me than the plain ones or the other holidays.
    10.The Golden Girls. yes, The Golden Girls. Its comfort TV for me. 🙂 My grandma and I used to watch it together every Saturday night when I was little.


  3. Love it, Elyse! And #5 just makes me laugh because that is such a Melancholic thing to like! Oh yes, and you and your pens. 🙂 And really, easter and autumn MM’s taste better? Who knew? Thanks for sharing, you Golden Girl you!


  4. Hmmm – Just 10, huh? 🙂

    1. Sleeping late – I love to sleep late.
    2. Staying up late – I’m such a night owl (see 1)
    3. Blogging, reading blogs, Facebook
    4. Shopping – anywhere. I don’t even have to buy anything. I love to look in shop after shop after shop. A perfect day for me would be trolling a cute downtown area with no agenda looking in all the antique shops. Or a flea market. Or even a mall.
    5. Eating in a nice restaurant. I LOVE eating different foods and being waited on.
    6. Red wine – I rarely drink it anymore – headaches, tummy aches but the first sip is a taste of heaven.
    7. Okay. Twilight. They just started rehearsals for Breaking Dawn in Baton Rouge!
    8. TV in general.
    9. A very long hot shower.
    10. Pedicures.

    That was fun Debbie!!


    • I totally agree, the eggs are sooooo much better than the real thing, but pumpkins or whatever never match up to the egg!


  5. Love your list!!
    We have lots in common! 🙂

    1) ignoring all responsibilities and finishing a 400 page book in one day, including staying up till 3am to finish it.
    2) Krispy Kreme run at 11pm with the kids
    3) Desperate Housewives
    4) glass of wine in the bath tub
    5) reading celebrity gossip at (did I actually just admit that???)
    6) Rod Stewart’s Great American Songbook CD. (omg, did admit that also?)
    7) sleeping till 10:30am
    8) Sense and Sensibility
    9) shopping
    10) buying a cherry ice screwball from the icecream man


    • Great list, Kristen! I am so on the same page with you about #1 (no pun intended!). Also with you on #3, #4, and #8 (and of course #7). I’ll have to give the others a try! Oh, and I LOVE Rod Stewar’ts Great American Songbook CD too!


  6. Great post and great lists, but let’s get a guy’s perspective going here (although I now fear that my guilty pleasures may be a poor representation of my fellow…ummm…fellows).

    1) No question what’s #1: “The Bold and The Beautiful”! Beth watched it, so I watched it with her. Now, I MUST watch, although the story line and characters are pretty much the same from 5 years ago. I watched “Guiding Light” when it was on. They are not “soap operas.” They are “daytime dramas.”

    2) Time for redemption – I could spend all day on Saturday eating chips and watching college football. All day!


    4) New jeans – even unemployed, I still spend way too much on good denim.

    5) Smirnoff Tuscan Lemonade. I blame this one on Jake. It is like Country Time Lemonade on steroids.

    6) Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. I could make coffee at home for 3 weeks on how much it costs for one of these.

    7) Being lazy ALL DAY at the outdoor pool at the gym. No matter what I tell myself, it is why I keep my gym membership.

    8) Playing “Bookworm” on-line. I love words and games with words. Old-school Boggle champion!

    9) Playing retro games like “Galaga” on the Play Station.

    10) Madonna


    • So happy that a guy responded! As for me, it would be “General Hospital.” (We used to schedule our college classes around this “daytime drama” as much as we could!) And candy corn? My fav fall time treat. Love your list and love that you listed it!


  7. It was so, so hard to resist making this list while at work today! 😉 And yes, it was very hard to narrow it down to 10…..uh-oh!

    1)Scrapbooking – This takes way too much time and way too much money but I SOOOOO love it!

    2)Staying up late and getting up early….I’m game for either. sleep is boring and I’m so afraid I’m gonna miss something fun!

    3)Fuzzy navels – yep, I’m a girlie drinker. 😉 (that’s really a nicer way of putting it than some of my friends.)

    4)Glee – It makes me laugh and has no real meaning in life…and I like mindless humor.

    5)Late night food runs …which are wrong on so many levels (mainly Krispy Kreme, but anything will do).

    6)Facebook and texting – both of which I refused to participate in for a long time….and now I LOVE both. Does it make it any less “guilty” if i FB and text with my family?

    7)Sour patch watermelons – I’m a total addict!

    8)Eating out – I absolutely LOVE to go out to eat….anywhere, anytime, with anybody!

    9)Being lazy all day with a whole bunch of chic flicks – I’m a sucker for a comfy couch, big blanket, and a good love story (just not in book form).

    10)and IKEA!!! – I can get lost for hours in that store and can justify any purchase!

    OK…..that’s probably enough transparency for 1 day! lol


    • you probably didn’t know about scrapbooking because i never have time….and why talk about it if i never get to do it. 😉 i keep telling myself that it’s my retirement plan!


  8. ummm….ummmmm….ummmm….”guilty”? thing is…I don’t really feel guilty except for maybe the naps! HA!
    1. Onion dip and chips right out of the bag – no sharing!
    2. pink shoes, red shoes, high heeled shoes, shiny shoes….
    3. nail polish in bright fun colors or even midnight blue
    4. Naps in the middle of the day on Sunday
    5. America’s Test Kitchen on Sunday afternoon.
    6. Banana splits w/tons of chocolate syrup after 10pm.
    7. anything w/Dark chocolate
    8. Fun martinis
    9. LEVENGER!!!!
    10. pens, markers, highlighters, notepads – I know..boring 🙂


  9. I can’t believe you are the first person to put Levenger on the list…..unbelievable! And nail polish is our bond! 😉


  10. Thought I’d come out of my little phlegmatic box and join you sanguines. But I need to fuss at you first – Levenger??? I had no idea what that was and had to look it up – bad idea – I’m hooked.

    1. Reading – just about anything. My favorite is The Outlander series. Love Twilight too though.
    2. Music – just about anything – except rap and head banging stuff. Andrea Bocelli, Michael Buble and Vince Gill are my favs.
    3. Anything caramel. Sorry ladies – don’t care about the chocolate.
    4. I could spend hours just sitting and looking at the mountains especially in Haiti. There’s something very soothing about that. It’s like you can see God there.
    5. Hot cup of tea at the end of the evening.
    6. Red wine!
    7. Hot bubble bath with one or all of these – music, book, wine.
    8. Potato chips with chocolate ice cream (the only chocolate in my life). Unfortunately I don’t do that very often.
    9. Driving around looking at Christmas decorations.
    10. I’m with Elyse and Mary Ann – pens, notebooks, etc. but I’ll add one other thing – boxes – I love unique boxes.


    • Elizabeth, I LOVE that you came out and played with us! And we are kindred spirits with #1, #2, and #7! Oh, and I do love #3 too but I won’t give up my chocolate for it. And oh yeah, Levenger (specifically the circa notebooks and accessories) will hook you in every time!


  11. OMG…..You ladies are right up my alley. I came upon this blog because I clicked on it for Imagine Christmas (my daughter Emma is in it this year) and I have been captured by your lists. I LOVE them. Debbie your list is me minus 4 and 5. Sometimes I feel a little guilty being a Christian and loving these fun things. I am so glad to see that other beautiful godly women have the same guilty pleasures that I love. Thank you!


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