Thanksgiving Memories

Dear Roger,

I miss you today on this Thanksgiving day.

We had a good Thanksgiving with BeBe and Papa. Dylan’s girlfriend Christina spent Thanksgiving with us too. And BeBe’s niece Ashley and her friend, Jen. And of course, your beautiful sons: Jordan, Dylan and Logan. And we smiled and even laughed. And we hugged and played and ate and took lots of pictures. But you were not there. And I wanted you to be. So much. And you should have been.

Your boys should have been outside throwing the football with you. And you should have been watching football with them and yelling at the TV. And you should have been giving me hugs and asking if there’s anything you could do or if there’s anything I needed (because that is always what you did because you were the kindest person I knew). And you should have had your third piece of pumpkin pie with a huge mound of whip cream on it. And you should have been playing board games with us that you didn’t really want to play but that you would anyway because we wanted to and you wanted to be with us.

You should have been here. I will always miss you because you’re not.

But I am doing my best to be thankful on this Thanksgiving day. For the 26 wonderful Thanksgivings we had together. For how deeply and unselfishly you loved us and how sacrificially you lived your life on our behalf. For our three incredible boys to whom you so faithfully passed on a legacy of being a “modern day knight.”

We miss you. So much. On Thanksgiving and every other given day.


4 Comments on “Thanksgiving Memories

  1. Mrs. Dodson,

    I am a schoolmate and friend of Dylan and Christina and while I was looking at the pictures you posted from their sweet wedding day, I came across the link to your blog. I felt the Lord telling me to go on and read it and may I just tell you it was exactly what I needed this evening. Your posts have made me cry and laugh, but mostly cry because your words are beautiful and raw and you seem unafraid to share emotions, even the ones that may be painful. Thank you for writing, I can see where Dylan got his gift from! This blog is an obvious encouragement and source of hope for all who are blessed enough to read it.

    -Megan Suriano, Senior UNCW


    • Hi Megan. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so grateful that you found my blog and that God would (and could) use it in any way to encourage you this evening. And thank you for being a friend to both Dylan and Christina!


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