My Top 10 from 2010

It’s the time of year when everyone and everything has written a top ten list to close out the old year. So why not? I decided to  create an end-of-year list of my own. Here are ten things that were tops for me in 2010 (in no particular order).

1.  Full-time creative arts director — After covering two positions at Hope for the past few years—communications and creative arts director—I have been able to move back full-time into creative arts only. I love working in the arts, as well as on Hope’s programming team which, because I’m often asked what that is, is the creative team (music, drama, tech, video, etc.) that works with Pastor Mike to “program” the weekend services for both campuses and other special auditorium events.

2. – It will come as no great surprise to those who know me that I am not the financial genius that Roger was. And let’s face it; there is no hope that I ever shall be. To quote a friend, ”Debbie, there needs to be a budgeting path of least resistance for people like you.” Um, yes, I suppose you’re right. So I have found an easy to use online budgeting program that is pretty darn helpful and makes it much easier for someone like me to keep up with these sorts of things. So for any one else needing to travel such a “path of least resistance,” you might want to check out And did I mention it’s free?

3.  Blogging — It took awhile and much prodding from dear friends but I did finally start blogging in 2010.  Now I have absolutely no illusions whatsoever that the world needs to hear from me on a regular basis (or any basis, for that matter). And there is, after all, a preponderance of blogs already out there for the reading. But blogging has been good for me. I like writing and it helps bring clarity to me when I write. Even if no one else reads it but me. And God. And maybe you.

4.  The Nook — I love to read and I love my Nook. I love that reading on my Nook means I never run out of books to read or have to wait and go to the store or library to get a new book or wait for a book to arrive in the mail. And I never have to carry around 2 or 3 books at a time (cuz’ I’m reading them all at the same time, don’t you know). All my reading materials are contained in one thin, light-weight place—my Nook. Of course, there is the occasional financial challenge presented by such easy access to a plethora of reading material. It is then that I must consult with #2 on my top ten list.

5.  Easter 2009; cardboard testimonies The cardboard testimonies we did at Easter were some of the most moving “testimonies” I’ve ever had the privilege to witness. The willingness and vulnerability shown by those sharing was a beautiful and extraordinarily powerful reminder of the power of God to change a life. Hallelujah for the cross. And for Easter services. And for humble, honest, surrendered children of God.

6.  Easter 2009; Dylan’s cardboard testimony — After losing his dad to suicide the year before, I watched my son walk courageously across the stage with his cardboard sign on which he had written “I lost my dad in 2009.” When he turned it over, he had written “I have a Heavenly Father.”

7.  Hope Community Church — What can I say? I absolutely adore this church of mine. Because I love its heart. Because God is at work powerfully there in spite of us. Because when you strip away all that we may not do just right or the very best, what we do get right is choosing to see where God is at work in our church and community and then doing all we can to join Him in His work there.  That, and the fact that I have never met a group of people who understand the call to love one another to the degree that these people at this church do.  And their love saved my life when Roger took his.

8.  Teaching  LifeLabs again — After losing Roger, it took awhile for me to be ready and willing to teach again. The reasons were complicated but they were mine and were real and were challenging for me. But in the fall of 2010 I agreed to lead a LifeLabs class at church once again. And I knew I had made the right decision because I loved it once again and looked forward with joy and anticipation to leading each class.

9.  Watching my sons mature beyond their years — Although they lost so much in 2009, I watched them learning to rise above it in 2010 in ways I never thought possible. That is not to say there were not many difficult days in the past year, but God was faithful and always present in their lives. And they were faithful too. To becoming the young men their dad raised them to be and to being who God is purposing them to be.

10. Learning to be more secure in (and less afraid of) all the things I thought I couldn’t do without Roger — I still want Roger here every day of every week of every month of every year. But he’s not. And I have had to figure out how to go on without him. Even in the everyday mundane things. In those, I’ve had to learn how to take care of all the daily and weekly and monthly and yearly chores and tasks and responsibilities that Roger used to handle, or that at the very least, we would handle together.  I’m certainly not as good at those things as he was. But I’m learning to do them. And that, if nothing else, is a huge step forward for me.

So what about you? Do you have a top ten list for the past year? A way to know that progress was made, love was given, things were accomplished, and joy could still be found on any given day in 2010?


4 Comments on “My Top 10 from 2010

  1. Love your list, Debbie! Thank you for sharing it. So cool you get to do what you love full time, have these amazing sons and finding out all kinds of new things about yourself!


  2. Debbie, Your top ten list shows how far you have come in dealing with your loss of Roger. As you said, it does not matter if anyone reads it as it is very theraputic to write. You and your sons are both courageous and strong. I saw your son walk across the stage at Hope with his card and it was moving to see what he had written and I am sure his courage to share those words was an inspiration for others who have also suffered great loss. Thank you for presenting at Journey a couple of Fridays ago. You have great charisma, knowledge, and humor…in addition to your strength!


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