You Must Be So Excited

My middle son, Dylan, is getting married in less than 3 months. It’s funny how so many say, “You must be so excited!” I’m actually not sure exactly why they say that. I mean, I am happy for him. But for me? It’s a very mixed, bittersweet bag.

Why? Because he’s my baby and he’s totally leaving the nest. Not just moving out, but moving on. Away. And how did he get to be old enough to do that? And when did he get to be old enough to do that? And what if he forgets about me with his new life and his new wife? (And I know you’re thinking, “Of course, he won’t forget about you.” But please allow me the smallest of pity parties for just a moment. I won’t let it last long, I promise.)

Hardest of all is Roger not being here by my side for such a momentous event in our child’s life. And not being here for Dylan. Sometimes the sheer unfairness of it all threatens to overwhelm. But it is what it is and I know that. Life is not fair and life must go on. I know that too. It’s just that sometimes it goes on in such an incredibly painful and difficult way.

(deep breath) Okay, let me try this again.

My middle son, Dylan, is getting married. And I really am so happy for him. That God has blessed him in such an extraordinary way. That he is so happy. That he has found such a wonderful young woman to spend his life with. That he won’t be alone.  That he has someone who will walk by his side and lovingly partner with him through life. That he will be loved so much by another. That she is such an amazing and loving and beautiful young woman. That she too loves God deeply. That I will finally have the blessing of a daughter.

Dylan is very blessed. I am blessed. And God is a very good God. And the joy of the Lord really is my strength. (Neh. 8:10)

Yes, my middle son, Dylan, is getting married. And it’s no wonder so many say, “You must be so excited!” I am. Today and on Dylan’s wedding day and on any given day blessed so abundantly by God.


6 Comments on “You Must Be So Excited

  1. Max is turning one next week. I can’t even imagine the emotions of when he gets married. There is something about a Mom and her little boy. I never believed that until I had one. Everyone said what a special relationship it is and it totally blew me away. So my heart feels for you!!!


    • You have sweet, handsome little Max and I am so happy that you have that special little boy to share your life with. And I am happy for him that he gets to have you for his mom.


  2. I love this post, Debbie. I love how you so poignantly express your conflicting emotions that come with these exciting moments in life. Those feelings of self-pity and unfairness and sadness are all very real and understandable…but God’s love and all the blessings are bigger. I love how you expressed that. Thank you!


    • Thank you, Autumn. I so appreciate your understanding of the conflicting emotions at times like this. And really, in the end, it’s our choice about what wins out—self-pity, unfairness, sadness, etc., or the understanding that this is still “the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.” Love you!


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