Way To Be Wise

I have a smart son. At least, I think he’s smart because he knows enough to surround himself with smarter people than he. People who know more than he does at his young age. People who have often already “been there, done that.” People who care enough about him to tell it exactly like it is. People whose opinions and advice can be trusted and heeded.

Many of these people are older. And because of that, they have the advantage of experience and life lessons learned that add invaluable wisdom to the advice they share.

So this week on my son’s blog, he invited one of those wiser, older people to guest blog for him. He asked this guest blogger–Dave Patchin, Executive Pastor at Hope Community Church–to write a letter that Dave would write to his 20-year-old self if he could. A letter of of what he would tell his younger self knowing now what he didn’t know then.

It was very nicely done, Dave. And very wise. (And I know some adults over 40 who could still use some of this wisdom.)

You can check out Dave’s letter to his 20-year-old self on Dylan’s blog.

And Dylan, way to be wise. Listening to and really hearing those who have wisdom to share is just plain smart on any given day whether you’re we’re 20 or 60.


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