My Baby Turns 16

It’s my youngest child’s 16th birthday today so I’m giving him a shout out. (Because it is my blog after all, and because I can.) So happy birthday, Logan. In your honor, here are 16 fun facts we know about you on your 16th birthday:

1. When Logan was a baby/toddler/preschooler, he would always pull the covers up completely over his head to go to sleep. (He may still do that for all I know.)

2. When he was little, his favorite books were all of the “I Spy” books. He would read them over and over again for long periods of time (still making sure he could find all the items, I guess.)

3. He likes to eat his hamburgers with nothing but pickles and cheese on them. (Really. No condiments whatsoever.)

4. He doesn’t like spaghetti. (Who doesn’t like spaghetti?!)

5. He likes to organize things.

6. He’s very “schedule” and “time” conscious and likes to plan ahead for things. None of that surprise-me-at-the-last-minute stuff.

7. His nickname is Lloyd.

8. If it were up to him, we would take in every stray pet that comes around.

9. Now that he’s turning 16, he wants his first car to be a mustang.  (Good luck with that…)

10. His brothers say he’s sick at video games even when he plays one for the first time. (I’m allowing that “sick” means really good.)

11. One of his brothers calls him a “mad scientist’ because he’s always shutting himself in his room for extended periods of time to work on all his video projects.

12. His other brother adds that his videos make people look better than they are.

13. Speaking of brothers, he gets better grades than both of them did. (And yes, Logan, they approved this message. Sort of like political candidates.)

14. He’d like to go to UNC at Wilmington when he graduates and get his filmmaking degree there. (Good. Not too far from home.)

15. He’d really like to go to the NC School of the Arts when he graduates and get his filmmaking degree there. (Still good. Still not too far from home.)

16. He’d really, really like to go to USC when he graduates and get his filmmaking degree there. (Not so good. Definitely not close to home. California?!)

And I really, really, really love Logan on any given day, and today I wish him a very happy 16th birthday!


3 Comments on “My Baby Turns 16

  1. My daughter just turned 16 a few months ago…it is a very special birthday! They grow up so fast!!! Happy Birthday to you, Logan! I hope you have a wonderful 16th birthday!


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