True Pain True Grief and a True God

“Mom, I’m writing a book.”

I still remember the day my then 20-year-old college student son, Dylan, told me that. A moment of surprise and then my reply, “Well, of course you are.”

He’d already been sharing his heart and his journey on his blog for awhile. And he’s always been a go-getter. None of that so-called “middle child syndrome” stuff for him. He’s always been determined. Confident. A leader. Going after what he wants. Charting his own path.

“It’s about Dad. I’m going to tell people what it was like. Losing him and everything.”

And I remember thinking what a brave choice that was. I knew how utterly and completely devastated Dylan had been after the suicide of his father, my husband, barely two years before. A father Dylan admired, esteemed and trusted more than any man on this earth. A man Dylan loved beyond measure. A man we all loved beyond measure. And now, Dylan was going to write a book about it.

And he did. And now it’s finished and published and available.

I just finished reading it. Difficult for me through some sections because it is still the story I live out everyday, as do my other two boys. Sometimes I would have to put the book down and walk away. Just so I could…breathe.

But he did it. Dylan told as openly and honestly as he knew how what it was like for him. What he felt. How deep his pain went. How he thought at times he couldn’t go on. How he wondered once if he would go on.

And he wrote about Jesus. And about hope again. And life again. And joy again. And how God had made a way.

He wrote the book so others would know that God makes a way for them too. In their pain. In their heartbreak. In their despair. No matter what painful life altering circumstance(s) has led to that suffering.

Dylan’s book is titled True Pain, True Grief and a True God. If you’d like to purchase a copy of his book ($10), you can do so in one of the following ways:

And on any given day when life seems too overwhelming or just plain hurts too much, maybe you’ll read Dylan’s story and be reminded–or discover–that God can make a way when there just seems to be no earthly way at all.

“…I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them.”—Isaiah 42:16


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