Two Years

It is 2 years today. The day we lost Roger.

A painful day to be sure. But one in which I seek to remember all the good that Roger brought into, and left running through, our lives. The things I have to be thankful for. The way he changed my life. Always for the better. I wish I had another chance to tell him how he helped me live a better life and be a better me.

So if you don’t mind, I think that’s what I’ll do today. Just remember some of the wisdom and love and understanding that Roger brought to my life. The stuff that will impact me always. Today I remember the way he lived his life and some of the truths he lived his life by.

  • Be kind. There is always a way to be kind and gracious with other people. Even when they’re wrong. Even when they’re irritating. Even when you have a “right” to feel differently. Be kind. It honors Jesus. And it makes you a better person.
  • Do the right thing. No matter how uncomfortable it makes you.  No matter how painful it might be. Right trumps personal “uncomfortableness” every time. Fanatical integrity. Have it.
  • Be teachable and listen. Know that others probably have valuable insight and input that you might not have thought of. Be aware of all you don’t yet understand. Be aware that you could learn something if you listen. And then make sure you really listen.
  • Work hard. Go above and beyond. Give it your all because you have personal integrity. Give it your all because Jesus asks you to work as if you’re working for him. Give it your all because you have spiritual integrity.
  • Know your strengths and talents. What you can accomplish when you understand how God has gifted you is immeasurable. You probably won’t know what a difference you’ve made in the lives of others until you get to heaven and see what God was able to do through you because you worked (and ministered) in what He specifically gifted you to do well for His glory.
  • Obedience to Christ matters. A lot. Don’t sit on the sideline just doing “enough.” Let God stretch you. Offer your obedience as a sacrifice if you have to. But be obedient.
  • Be an encouraging parent. Tell your children often when they do a good job or make a wise decision. Not empty praise or flattery, but encouragement when it is warranted. This means you have to pay attention. You can’t be too busy to notice. You can’t be too busy to take the time to tell them. And yes, when they do the wrong thing, hold them very accountable for it, but do so with lovingkindness. Tell them you believe in them. Mean it. After all, God made them. He believes in them.
  • Manage your finances wisely. Very wisely. Manage your money so it does not manage you. Don’t go into debt. Plan for the future. And be a giver. Managing your money wisely allows you to be as generous as God calls you to be.
  • Love God. Above all, love God. With your whole heart and soul and mind and body. And if you do that, you’ll get an added benefit. You’ll discover the key to loving others the way God wants you to.

I miss you, Roger. And on no other given day do I feel the pain of your loss as greatly as I do on this day. You are remembered. You are loved. Your life mattered.


14 Comments on “Two Years

  1. Mrs. Dodson, this is such a beautiful and touching post, it brought tears to my eyes. Your family is so beautiful and so loving. You all inspire me to be better and I admire your faith and love for God and Jesus Christ. Thank you for sharing all the beauty, joy, happiness, love and inspiration Mr. Dodson brought to your life.


  2. What beautiful words from a heart filled with love. Thank you for sharing your heart, Debbie. You are a blessing. Much love, ginger


  3. Debbie, thanks for such an insightful and joyful reminder of what Roger modeled. You captured so clearly what he lived. I was thinking of him often yesterday, and praying for y’all too. I miss his encouraging notes most of all!


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