Under God’s Sea in 3D

Music camp starts Monday. Well, it’s more like a performing arts camp. There’s singing and dancing and acting. There’s costumes and sets and props. There’s lighting and sound and multi-media and yes, there’s even 3D glasses. And there’s kids. Lots of kids. Almost 100 kids to be exact (although “almost” is not exactly “exact,” is it?)

And there are four big performances during next weekend’s church services, July 30 & 31, at the Raleigh campus of Hope Community Church. Four full-length musical presentations of UNDER GOD’S SEA IN 3D performed by almost 100 kids. If you live in this area, I hope you’ll come. The kids will be working really hard this week to get everything learned and performance ready. Did you catch that? I said, this week. We have only one week to get our musical performance ready. Although actually, we don’t even have one full week because that would be 7 days. And we don’t have 7 days. We have 5 days—“almost” one week. Almost one week to get an entire children’s musical performance ready with almost 100 kids.

Good thing we’ll all be working hard. Good thing we’ll all be surrounded by an incredible group of volunteers assisting us.  And good thing there are these amazing staff members at Hope who are so willingly and graciously providing assistance with games and recreation and arts and crafts and opening assemblies. And by the way, I don’t almost love the staff at Hope; I absolutely love the staff of Hope. And I know the almost 100 kids will too.

So if you happen to think about us during this “almost” week of rehearsals and preparations and fun and games and learning, would you send up a prayer on our behalf? It would almost be the best thing that could happen at camp—you praying, us rehearsing and preparing, God showing up and doing great things in the hearts of the children, the volunteers, and the staff during the week. And you could pray that God would be glorified through our performances as well and that through them we will point people to Jesus. And that maybe, we would all be reminded that we should be—in the words of one of our core songs from this week—:

Daily divin’ deeper in Your Word to see

All the Words of wisdom that You have for me.

Daily divin’ deeper

Daily drawin’ closer,

Daily divin’ deeper in Your love for me.

Divin’ deeper…

And really, on any given day of any given week, that should be the prayer of our hearts and the intent of our doings. Otherwise, unfortunately, we may only almost know God.

Note: At the end of each camp day (and the final performance), the following blog entries were also posted:  Day 1,  Day 2,  Day 3,  Day 4,  Day 5,  Final post


3 Comments on “Under God’s Sea in 3D

  1. Debbie and Hope Team… Awesome first day!! Dorrit came home so excited to perform for me this afternoon and was so filled with God’s holy word! All the countless hours of prep are so appreciated and I have all the confidence that in just 5 days the almost 100 performers will know their lines and movements!! We can’t wait till Saturday to witness the show! Thank you!!!!


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