Music Camp Adventures – Day 1

So I’ve decided to blog each day about some of my experiences, thoughts and feelings regarding what happens at music camp each of our five days. Since yesterday is still pretty fresh on my brain, I’m going to start there with my “yesterday” first day of camp recap…

Today’s theme/lesson as we went “under the sea”:

  • Of all of God’s wonderful creation, we are His best.

Favorite things about the first day of camp:

  • Mary Ann Sibley, our volunteer & administrative camp director, giving 110% to help make sure this was the absolute best experience for our campers and our volunteers. She was/is just absolutely infectious and so good at what she does. Love that woman.
  • The “almost” 100 kids who showed up ready and rarin’ to go! What energy and enthusiasm they had!
  • The volunteers who blew the doors off the place with their commitment to being the best help they could possibly be.
  • Chris Cockerham and Bryan Cheney providing the best opening assembly for the campers! They were hilarious and totally engaged the kids. They set the best tone for the rest of the day!
  • Deanna Wilson, camp coordinator/stage manager/assistant extraordinaire, coming all ready to do whatever needed to be done whenever it needed to be done and as quickly as it needed to be done. I so love this woman too.

 What caught me by surprise:

  • How quickly the kids were able to pick up the new choreography/movement to their songs. What an utterly pleasant surprise.
  • That all our actors and soloists really did show up with all their lines memorized just like they were asked. What smooth rehearsals we had because of this.

What challenged me the most:

  • Choir rehearsals. Because there was so much to focus on in every song! Directing the music, teaching them the movements, helping them with the (memorized) words, and knowing that my right was always their left and trying to change my “direction” so as not to confuse them as they followed along with their movements. What a workout.

What I’m looking forward to the most tomorrow (Tuesday): 

  • Getting the rest of the song movements taught to the kids. I always like when I can get past the initial learning stage and can dive in to the real work of polishing and fine-tuning.

What I’m not looking forward to Tuesday:

  • Getting the rest of the stage movements taught to the kids!

What I did as soon as camp was over for the day

  • Went back to my office, drank a big bottle of water, and just…breathed.

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