Music Camp Adventures – Day 2

Today’s music camp theme:

  • We were created to have a relationship with God.

Favorite things about the 2nd day of leading Hope’s summer music camp:

  • Meeting with Bob Blair (Hope’s tech director) and seeing him giving the same attention to excellence to the children’s production as he does to our adult productions and our weekend services. So grateful for his help.
  • Seeing our campers and volunteers get totally into the “groove” of how our camp works
  • Our five “production team/stage hand” teen volunteers. Sweet, sweet kids and so ready to be as helpful as needed. And belive me, I work them!
  • Watching 5th grader Bennett Bunten perform her worship/interpretive dance in rehearsal today for one of our songs. What a beautiful and touching element it will add to our production.

What caught me by surprise:

  • When one little girl whom I hadn’t yet really met ran up to me at the end of rehearsal, threw her arms around me & just hugged me. I melted. She doesn’t know it but she reminded me that out of all the things I have to do to get us performance ready this week, what matters most is loving on those children and helping them know how much they matter to God. Jesus loves the little children…

Something new I learned:

  • That Spencer Hughes, one of our teen production team/stagehand volunteers, is a really, really good actor. He may be sorry I know this now…
  • That my son, another teen production team/stagehand, gives away most of his lunch everyday

 What challenged me most:

  • Keeping the kids attention and focus through some of the more arduous rehearsal work

What I’m most looking forward to tomorrow:

  • Beginning to put the musical together (instead of just working on bits and pieces)
  • Loving on those kids

What I’m not looking forward to:

  • How short our lunch breaks are! (Who put this daily schedule together anyhow? 🙂

What I did as soon as camp was over:

  • Went straight back to my office to get promotional work done on looming deadline for the new sermon series that starts in August

What I regret most today:

  • Going straight back to my office to get promotional work done for the new sermon series that starts in August

What I will do differently tomorrow:

  • Stay around at the end of the day until every camper has left the rehearsal room so I can spend more time loving on them before they leave. No matter how many “looming deadlines” there may be.

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