Music Camp Adventures – Day 3

Today’s music camp theme:

  • When we obey God, we show Him that we love Him.

Favorite things about day 3 of camp:

  • Bjork (or is it Bjorn?) showing up every day for opening assembly. So funny. Parents, you gotta’ ask your kids about this guy. 🙂
  • Having Brett Durham, Hope’s college pastor, taking the adult role in the musical and being such a great support system during rehearsals for all the child actors.
  • The adult volunteers just going with the flow and not minding if one of the rehearsals ran over just a bit, even if would make the campers a little late for arts & crafts.
  • The campers not minding if they were a little late for arts & crafts so we could finish rehearsal.

What caught me by surprise:

  • That we are now ahead of schedule with where we should be on our rehearsal time-line

Something new I learned:

  • That the kids take their lunch-time sing-off “competitions” pretty darn seriously.  🙂

What was new today:

  • Having a whale, some jellyfish and a wee part of the ocean (Atlantic, of course) show up for rehearsals

What challenged me most:

  • Getting the whale, the jellyfish and the ocean to work together

What I’m looking forward to tomorrow:

  • Finally getting to be on the stage for rehearsals

What I’m not looking forward to tomorrow:

  • Finally getting to be on the stage for rehearsals. (First rehearsals in the actual stage space are always a bit of an adjustment for performers, especially children performers.)

What I did as soon as camp was over for the day:

  • Hung around, answered campers’ questions (lots of them!), hugged children, and told them how much I appreciated how hard they’re working. And I do. I really, really do.

7 Comments on “Music Camp Adventures – Day 3

  1. We just watched the kids rehearse the whole show here at home and even baby Tyler joined in! It was awesome – can’t wait to see the show this weekend! Thank you so much – they are having a blast!
    Luke LOVES lunch time, btw. 🙂


  2. Ian is having SUCH a blast…he’s been seriously bitten by the acting bug! Thanks for all that you are doing for our kids!


  3. I pray that you have continued energy and strength. This is a blessing to our church and community. Thank you! Thank you for all you do!


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