Music Camp Adventures – Day 4

Today’s camp theme/lesson:

  • When we love other people, we show God we love Him too

Favorite things about day 4 of camp:

  • Children arriving this morning and wanting to make sure I knew they had practiced again at home last night (yay!)
  • Seeing how much the kids look forward to arts & crafts each day and knowing that some really special Hope staff have made those breakouts possible
  • Mark Hanna, Hope’s weekend video director, working to help us get a video of our performances made and assisting with copyright laws, rules and regulations. (Because, you know, ‘would hate for all the children to end up in jail because of this.)

What was new:

  • Working on the big stage for the first time. (I think the kids might have adjusted better than we did!)
  • Learning to wear our sailor hats without them falling off while singing and doing choreography (and patting our heads and rubbing our stomachs and…)
  • Learning how to hide our hats when they’re not in use. (You wouldn’t think this would be so tricky, would you?…)

What I learned today:

  • That if you ask the group a question, you’ll get a really loud group response
  • That when the group responds loudly, they’re also responding happily. (And they’re paying attention!)

Most often heard phrase from me during rehearsals today:

  • “Stop talking!”

Most unexpected occurrence: 

  • That the kids did not want to quit rehearsal at the end of the day (even after being told to “stop talking!” over a million times today. Ok, so maybe that’s an exaggeration. It was probably only 999,999 times).

What I’m looking forward to tomorrow:

  • Being able to run straight through the show without stopping even once. (Seems kind of “pie in the sky-ish” right now, but a girl’s gotta dream…)

What I’m not looking forward to tomorrow:

  • I honestly can’t think of a thing.

What I did as soon as camp was over:

  • Collected hats, answered lots of questions (again), made set placement changes, and totally counted my blessings that there are such wonderful Hope staff and volunteers so ready and willing to help with whatever needs to be done.

7 Comments on “Music Camp Adventures – Day 4

  1. At the end of craft time, we prayed for lunch…One of the little girls prayed, “Thank-you for the nice craft lady and for the lovely soap.” Very sweet!


  2. Thank you Debbie!!!! I love how you encourage our kids to have fun and work hard all for Jesus! Mine are having a blast and rehearsing right now!!!


  3. Thank you so much for all your hard work! My girls are having so much fun! I’m so impressed with how well it’s going. I can’t wait to see the performance! Thank you again for having the heart to do this!


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