Music Camp Adventures – The End!

What a good kind of tired it is as I wrap up this week of camp and weekend of performances. ‘So very, very proud of those kids and what they were able (and willing!) to pull off in one week. And it does a heart good to hear such overwhelming and positive responses to our performances in the services this weekend.

So to close this amazing week and weekend out, I’m wrapping up with my last “music camp adventures” following the conclusion of our four weekend performances:

Theme of the musical “Under God’s Sea in 3D”:

  • How we can learn to navigate the sometimes murky waters of life by seeking God and His Word daily
Favorite line from a song in the musical:
  • “But Jonah cried out to the Lord in distress; how quick one repents in a whale.” (Funny because I’d bet that’s true; I bet being in the belly of a big fish/whale/whatever would cause even the hardest heart to repent—and quickly!)

Favorite things about the performances:

  • How gosh darned cute those kids were on stage
  • How they had energy galore for every performance, even the last one
  • How surprised (and tickled) the audience was that there was an actual 3D experience during the show with actual 3D glasses
  • That the kids remembered not to throw their hats in the air until the curtain call song at the end. (You have no idea the restraint that took for them!)
  • How much the volunteers hung in there with us every step of the way this weekend and were a MAJOR support for getting those kids on that stage and off of it every performance, as well as watching over them—and feeding them!—between performances. We couldn’t have done this without their help!

What surprised me:

  • That a spider can totally throw “consummate performers” completely off their game the moment it crawls on stage. So thank you stagehand Logan Dodson for going right out on stage during one of our performances, killing said spider and “rescuing” our sweet little 2nd graders on the first row so they could once again focus on the business at hand—performing the musical! (Oh, and Logan, I hear the kids have now nicknamed you “The Exterminator.”)

What I’m looking forward to tonight:

  • Going to bed early and sleeping like a zombie

What I’m looking forward to tomorrow:

  • Sleeping late like said zombie. (Although in actuality, I have no idea if “zombies” ever sleep, and if they do, when do they wake up? And really, when exactly would they sleep? And actually, why would they need to sleep? But I digress…)

What I did as soon as the last performance was over:

  • Received the sweetest hugs and “thank you’s” from the campers. Yet, they really have no idea how much I have to thank them for.

And although you can’t see me doing it right now, I’m throwing my hat up in the air for the successful completion of Hope’s summer music camp 2011. Would I do it again? On any given day God asks me too.


2 Comments on “Music Camp Adventures – The End!

  1. Just wanted to tell you that Brooke told me I was at the “spider” performance and I didn’t notice a thing 🙂 Way to go Logan for jumping in there and doing what needed to get done! And thank you, Debbie, for ALL you do at Hope. Brooke truly loved being involved in this camp and having the opportunity to work with you. THANK YOU!


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