Jesus Wept

Last night I had the privilege of hearing my son, Dylan, speak at Hope’s Journey gathering. Drawing from his recent book, Dylan shared some of what he has learned thus far about pain, healing, and God. Here are some highlights of what he shared:

  • My dad committed suicide. I experienced pain like I’ve never known.
  • We all have pain. We may have different catalysts for our pain, but we all know what it feels like to really hurt.
  • Your story matters. It doesn’t have to be my story to be just as real and valid.
  • In John 11:35, we read that “Jesus wept.” But Jesus didn’t weep with Mary because Lazarus had died because Jesus knew He was going to raise Lazarus from the dead. Jesus wept because His friends were hurting.
  • Jesus cares that we are hurting. He feels our pain. He cries with us. He hurts with us.
  • The world is broken because of sin. That is why there is heartbreak and hurting and pain.
  • The Bible gives us direction for when we are hurting—not for if we might hurt. The Bible acknowledges that we will hurt.
  • Sometimes others need to do a better job of helping us when we’re hurting. Sometimes we need to do a better job of helping others when they’re hurting.
  • Time doesn’t really heal anything. We all know people who are just as stuck in their pain today as they were when they were first hurt.
  • Jesus can heal our pain. But only if we let him.
  • Although time doesn’t heal anything, Jesus can use time to help heal us.
  • Healing can’t always make things “normal” again, but Jesus can help us find a new normal.
  • Pain is true. Grief is true. But God is truer.

On any given day.


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