Happy Birthday, Christina

It’s Christina’s birthday but I think our family received the birthday present when she became one of us.

Most of you know I have a new daughter-in-law whom I adore. Dylan, my middle son, married her in May of last year. Because it’s her birthday today, I wanted to share some of the things I’ve learned about this impressive young lady—sort of an “ode to Christina” on her special day!

So here you go, Christina. Here are some of the things I love knowing about you.

Christina Cramer Dodson…

…is always cheerful and kind and smiling and laughs easily.

…has a heart of mercy and is very empathetic towards others.

…immediately puts people at ease when she meets them and treats everyone as if she’s always known them and enjoys their company.

…is always helpful and has such a gift for serving others.

…will, without fail, jump right in to help with whatever needs to be done without waiting to be asked.

…loves Jesus and is devoted to following Him and His will and plan for her life with Dylan.

…is creative and artsy-craftsy and organized and loves event planning. Which is good thing because she’s graduating from UNCW this May with a degree in communications and a concentration in event planning.

…doesn’t like to play board games because if the other person loses, she feels bad for them. If she loses, then she feels bad for herself. She doesn’t want anyone to feel bad so she thinks it’s just best not to play.

…thinks Santa Claus is creepy looking. And she wonders about the safety of sitting on some weird old guy’s lap.

…loves Dylan. A lot. She takes care of him and supports him and encourages him. A lot. (Dylan is very, very blessed.)

Happy birthday, Christina. You are the best of daughter-in-laws. And on any given day—but especially your birthday—may you know how very much you are loved, cherished and celebrated by our family.


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