Advice to “Teenaged” Men

One of my sons wrote a blog posting that I wish I had written. It’s really  good. And powerful. And full of truth. Of course, had I written it,  it wouldn’t have been nearly as effective as it is coming from one young man to another–the writer himself still being a college student.

I am amazed at the wisdom and understanding found in it. I am amazed at the truth that is spoken, even though much of this truth is not very popular these days. I want to walk around handing a copy of it to every young man I know. Truthfully, I want to hand a copy of it to some of the grown men I know.

Do you have a teenaged son? Or a teenaged brother? Or a teenaged nephew? Or a teenaged neighbor? You may very well want to ask him to sit down and read this with every ounce of understanding he possesses:

Advice to “Teenaged” Men  by Dylan Dodson

And on any given day, whether we are male or female, may we rise to a similar “high calling” in our own lives which includes loving obedience to God, a true treating with respect the opposite sex, and a balanced sense of our own self-worth. Thank you, Dylan, for this reminder.

“How can a young man keep his way pure? By living it according to Your Word.”  Psalm 119:9


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