I Wish. . .

small__5605093210I like wisdom. I don’t like pain. I wish the best wisdom didn’t come from pain. I wish the deepest wisdom didn’t come from the deepest pain. (But I’ve lived and learned that it does.)

I wish I always felt victorious. I wish the sun was always shining. I wish life always felt full of hope and promise and opportunities.

I wish people were always there for you. I wish I was always there for those I should be there for.

I wish there was no fear. I wish I was always strong and brave and true. I wish I never shrank from meeting life on life’s terms. I wish life’s terms were easier, kinder and gentler.

I wish transparency and authenticity weren’t so hard. I wish being better than I am was more easily attainable.

I wish following Jesus was always easy. (It’s not.) I wish God would always find me obedient. (He doesn’t.) I wish being disciplined and faithful in spite of circumstances or feelings is the place I always lived and operated from. (I don’t.) I wish I could (would) remember that whenever I immerse myself in God’s Word, it is completely life changing and life altering and life inspiring. (It is. It really is.)

I realize God has a sort of wish list too. That I love Him with my whole heart and soul. That I love my neighbor as myself. That I “act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with (my) God.” That I have a servant’s heart. That I live a life of  joyful generosity towards others.

I wonder if focusing more on God’s wish list would not make huge dents in my own.

Yes, I do like wisdom. I’ll never like pain. But I know (in my heart of hearts if not always in my “every day” heart), that “…the testing of (my) faith produces perseverance.”  That I am to “let perseverance finish its work so that (I) may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” (James 1:3-4)

And on any given day, I know that being “mature and complete, and not lacking anything” in Christ is the thing I should wish (pray) for the most.

photo credit: N07/5605093210/”>Robert Couse-Baker via photopin cc


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