My Baby Is Getting Married

PIC j and h engagedHe asked which night I wanted him to come home for dinner this week so that he could give me one last dinner with just him and me and his youngest brother. And he didn’t know it, but his thoughtfulness made me cry. 

I didn’t let the tears fall in front of him. Not at that time. This is such a happy, hope-filled season of life for my oldest baby boy. And I want him to be happy.

He’s getting married Sunday. He’s leaving the nest, growing up and growing on. And I am so very proud of him and so very happy for him and so very hope-filled for him.

And I love him so much, this child of my being, this firstborn of my heart. He is a gentle one, this one. A listener. And he is faithful and giving and respectful. He is patient and inoffensive, quiet yet witty. He is dependable and organized and consistent and…peaceful.

He is marrying Hannah. She is oh so lovely, in spirit and beauty. She is sensitive and thoughtful and caring and helpful. She is compassionate and faithful and devoted. She is smart and dependable and conscientious. And she loves my son. She loves him very, very much. (And just maybe because I’m his mom, I find that her most endearing quality…)

They are getting married this Sunday. And that will be the best day of Jordan’s life. And it will be a good day in mine. And it will be bittersweet.

Because of that, I am thankful for friends who remind me I am not losing a son, but gaining a daughter. I am thankful for friends who remind me that, with one son already married and this one soon to be, I am becoming less outnumbered by all the boys in my life. And I am thankful for friends who bravely and lovingly share the bittersweetness of this occasion, for more than just the ordinary reasons. Because although a son is getting married, a much-loved husband and father will not be here to share this momentous, life-changing occasion. So I am thankful for compassionate friends who understand that this week, I always seem to be just one encouraging hug or one supportive word away from tears I cannot always control. And I am grateful when they let me cry anyway, and when they cry with me through happiness and heartbreak.

And in all of this, I know still that God is good. He is good to Jordan and to Hannah, and to me. And we choose the happiness of this wonderful weekend along with the joy of new beginnings. We will celebrate and laugh and cry and rejoice and dance and be privileged enough to share our joy with others. And even when there is sadness (in spite of the sadness), we will remember that there is goodness too. And promise. And hope. And we will remember that God’s blessings follow us always.

So happy wedding day, Jordan and Hannah. Live, laugh, and love to the fullest.

And on any given day of your married life, remember that though life itself may sometimes be painful or oppressive or just plain hard, God is not life. God is good and trustworthy and “the name of the Lord is a strong tower. The righteous run into it, and are safe.*”  May you both choose to set up house in that strong tower.

And this Sunday as you are married, rejoice, be happy and raise the roof in celebration!

*Proverbs 18:10


2 Comments on “My Baby Is Getting Married

  1. Oh Debbie .. this is so sweet.. you are amazing! Will say special prayers for you that God himself is with you today and all week .. as your husband .. and friend and support.. and that Jordan and Hannah will have an absolutely blessed day … and you DANCE lady .. and praise God for the wonderful boys you have! i’m jealous .. actually .. you are gaining Daughters girl! 🙂


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