Happy Birthday To Us On Hannah’s Birthday

64158_3344690061586_2020994463_nToday is the new Mrs. Jordan Dodson’s birthday. But really, it’s all of us in her new family who are receiving birthday blessings because she is now a part of us.

So for Hannah because she is loved and valued and wished the happiest of birthdays, here are 10 of the (many) reasons I think the world of her: 

  • She is kind-hearted, sensitive and thoughtful.
  • She is soft-spoken, gentle and peaceful.
  • She is trust-worthy, responsible and dependable.
  • She is serenely calming to be around.
  • She has the most beautiful and expressive eyes. And the most gorgeous eyelashes. And well, honestly, she is just plain beautiful.
  • She loves Jesus. Deeply. What a joy it has been to watch her faith journey over these past few years and know of her desire and intentionality to grow stronger in Him every day.
  • She has a servant’s heart as she volunteers joyfully and faithfully in the nursery at Hope, and although the babies don’t know it, they are very blessed to be cradled and cuddled and loved on by her.
  • She recently received her nursing degree and as she looks for her first nursing job, I know what a great employee she’ll be for some hospital or doctor’s office. I would so hire her. In a heartbeat. Especially if that heartbeat didn’t feel right and might be in need of medical attention. : )
  • She has adopted our cat and taken him home to live with her and she spoils him and adores him and lets him continue believing that he is the king of the world.
  • She loves Jordan deeply, takes the best of care of him, cooks wonderful meals for him, and spoils him rotten by treating him like he is the king of her world.

Much, much love to you, new daughter-in-law of my heart. Have a wonderful birthday. And on any given day of the year may you know how very much you are loved, cherished and appreciated by your very new, very blessed family.


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