What You Need to Know About Widows

Depressed in Fog

“Grief and suffering don’t care what you endured the month before. They will come again anyway, and expect you to deal with them.” –Michelle Cushatt

I always wonder what I will say to the next dear widow I’ll meet with. Because meet with them I do. Each one that God brings across my path. Each one who wants to know how they will live with their loss. Each one whose pain and grief sometimes feels as if it may swallow them whole.

And it doesn’t matter how young or old the widow, or the circumstances of her loss. Though make no mistake, those whose spouses committed suicide are the most traumatized. For obvious reasons. Of which I relate to most. Deeply.

But regardless of how or when they became widows, those I meet with are longing for reassurance that their hearts will survive their loss. That their pain won’t suffocate them. That this aloneness won’t be all they have left. That someone else understands. That they’re not going crazy and that the way they are grieving is normal. (For the record, there is no normal. There is simply your grief, your story, your feelings, your healing, your hope, and your life. This isn’t school; there’s no “common core curriculum” waiting to give your grieving a pass/fail.)

And in their grief, they (we) just want to know that somewhere, somehow, in some way, there is hope. And life. And help. And God. And that’s where you come in. You can be one of those compassionate resources of help.

I’m sharing the following excellent article by Gaye Clark on “9 Things You Need to Know About Widowsto help you be Jesus with skin on to a widow in need. And trust me, a resounding “yes” to every one of the 9 things. On any given grief-stricken day.

“9 Things You Need To Know About Widows” 

by Gaye Clark via TGC


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