What You Don’t Know Will Hurt Them

PIC teen girl looking out shade bandwThis is a guest post by my young adult son, Dylan Dodson, author of the book True Grief, True Pain and a True God.

Let me start by saying I am not a parent. I don’t even have children. Read More


And especially Peter

PIC easter resurrectionI love this Easter excerpt from No Wonder They Call Him the Savior by Max Lucado:

Look in Mark, chapter 16. Read the first five verses about the women’s surprise when they find the stone moved to the side. Read More

My Baby Is Getting Married

PIC j and h engagedHe asked which night I wanted him to come home for dinner this week so that he could give me one last dinner with just him and me and his youngest brother. And he didn’t know it, but his thoughtfulness made me cry.  Read More

I Wish. . .

small__5605093210I like wisdom. I don’t like pain. I wish the best wisdom didn’t come from pain. I wish the deepest wisdom didn’t come from the deepest pain. (But I’ve lived and learned that it does.) Read More

Notably Quotable – Week ending 01/26/13

PIC notably quotableThis week:

“One of fear’s favorite things to tell you is that today is forever. Read More

When Love Asks

PIC blog abstract heartSometimes love asks you to do something you don’t want to do.

And you struggle with that. Read More

What Bites, What Doesn’t

Know what bites? Doing and saying something stupid.

Know what also bites? Having to admit to, and say your apologies for, said stupidity. Read More

When You Wish You Didn’t Exist

I read someone else’s deeply honest blog posting last week and I can only imagine the courage it took to let the world in on his struggles. He’s a popular Christian worship leader and speaker and I admire that he shared honestly about his ongoing struggle with depression and anxiety.  Read More