What Grieving People Need During the Holidays

Grieving during the holidays

I remember the first Thanksgiving without him. The first real holiday we would gather and my husband of 25 years and father to our three sons would not be there. He died almost 5 months before, and I felt nowhere near ready to face a holiday such as this.

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Let It Pour

This quote. Full of beautiful and hopeful and hard and stark naked and trying and falling and being and still standing and rejoicing :

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Dancing With God

It was an enchanting, sweet wedding. The bride was beautiful. The groom handsome. The ceremony honored God and expressed the couple’s love very lovingly.

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A Father To The Fatherless

    It is hard not to try and overcompensate. It is hard not to try and be everything your children’s dad can no longer be in their lives. It is hard to remember, and accept, that I am not called to be both a father and mother to my boys. It is hard to rest in […]

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